TwoThousand Eleven -MIX Dj-Bruno Servina

TwoThousand Eleven -MIX Dj-Bruno Servina [2012]
Non-Stop Track
Effects & Scratches by Dj-Bruno
Copyrighted Track by Dj-Bruno 2012
For Personal Use ONLY
Track not for Sale or Played Promotionally

If found please contact me ASAP


  1. Dj Bruno Intro 2012 (NEW)
  2. Ex GirlFriend –(Dj Bruno RNB Remix)
  3. Ex GirlFriend –Champion
  4. Fanm ou annan – Elijah
  5. Baby pou ki ou –  Charlie ft Elijah
  6. Vin pli pre – Dareal ft Aron
  7. DnH (Daddy n Hypa) from France
  8. Ki fodre fer –Mercenary (Dj Bruno Edition 2010)
  9. Pa pou hurt ou – Extra Big
  10. Sa lemonn in mesan – Benting
  11. Dezespwar – Dj Junior ft Cursha
  12. Lanmour pou Jah – Jahrimba
  13. Asize mazinen – Champion ft Mercenary
  14. Zanmi – Red I
  15. Boul retour – Curious
  16. Zonm soufer – East Side Master ft Smash Kid
  17. Sa rev – Zion I ft Chicco
  18. 1st Skit
  19. Botan – Molo
  20. En reggae superstar – Elijah
  21. Oh Girl – Jakim
  22. Mid-tro – Kolonel Rosine
  23. Breakfast in Bed – Mystic Man
  24. Lovely – Extra Big
  25. Outro
PC version

3 Replies to “TwoThousand Eleven -MIX Dj-Bruno Servina”

  1. The following songs are all time hits. I really like these songs which are really amazing. I have downloaded all the songs in my mobile.

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