Busy Signal Non-Stop Mix 2013

DJ Bruno in Collaboration with DJ Kastor

Busy Intro
            You and Me
hot pick 
Come over
Comfort Zone
Reggae Music Again
            Royal Night  hot pick
One more Night
              Watch out fi This [Bumaye]  
hot pick
Nah go a jail again
Swag tun up
Busy Busy Busy [freestyle]
             Bedroom Bully
hot pick
Busy Outro


Delete after 24hours!!!!!

5 Replies to “Busy Signal Non-Stop Mix 2013”

  1. Both the DJs have done a very good job. The dance hall mix is great for any party. I appreciate you for keeping the download links here.

  2. Busy signal has been placed at the top of the vicinity for the happiness of the individuals. Yes, this has been introduced for the mixture of the signal for the hosting such items for the candidates.

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